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Since 2007, The Portrait Project has provided quality portraiture to underserved communities in the Bay Area, creating a temporary photo studio on site, and then delivering framed portraits and several snapshots within two weeks of the photo shoot.  

A portrait is a simple, but profound and tangible gift that can reinforce familial cohesion, enhance self-esteem, and will last for generations.   It's truly inspiring to see people's expressions as they "step into the light."  On the bus recently, I ran into a man I had photographed several years ago, and he told me, in very poignant terms, how the portrait had helped him through a time of illness and injury.  It's a very potent experience for these individuals; at this point I have photographed more than 700 people via The Portrait Project.  If you can make a donation (direct or tax-deductible) in any amount it will help me continue this work.  


​*The Portrait Project is fiscally sponsored by Intersection for the Arts, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.  Click Here to make a TAX-DEDUCTIBLE donation to The Portrait Project via Intersection (a 50l(c)3) 

**checks can be made out to The Portrait Project (direct contribution) or Intersection for the Arts (tax-deductible), sent to The Portrait Project, 528 Sanchez Street, San Francisco, CA  94114.   merci!

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"Can I, can I ask you a question?"

Sure, I said.

"Can I, can I hug you?  Because you made me look so beautiful."

Natasha, S.F. Tenderloin resident


Terrence strolled in wearing a stylish blazer, black jeans, white turtleneck, shoulder length

dreads/hair extensions and some waaay shiny and expensive-looking shoes.  "Wow -
where did you get those shoes?" I asked.
"Salvation Armani, baby!  That's where I do all of my shopping!"







Communities/Organizations Served:

Veterans Administration (formerly homeless veterans)

Lyric Hotel (supportive housing for formerly homeless)

Tenderloin Neighborhood Development - Franciscan House, SOMA Dwellings (supportive housing - low income/formerly homeless)

North of Market Tenderloin Community Benefits District (low income families in Tenderloin)

Burnett Child Development Center (serving Bayview/Hunters Point low income families)

San Francisco Housing Authority - Bernal Dwellings  (low income family housing)

Glide Memorial Church - CW House, Mason Street Dwellings  (low income/formerly homeless housing)

Community Housing Partnership - (supportive housing for formerly homeless)

    Arnett Watson Apartments (SF), Senator Residential Hotel, Treasure Island Family Housing

Institute for Indian Mother and Child, Calcutta, India  (families in rural/poor areas)

Salvation Army, Santa Rosa (victims of Santa Rosa firestorm)

East Oakland Youth Development Center (serving youth/families from low-income neighborhoods)

Good Samaritan Family Resource Center (serving immigrant families with young children)

Livable City, Playstreets (Outdoor Event for Tenderloin Families)

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